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Epoxy for Garage & Basement Flooring

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Milwaukee - Garage Floor Epoxy

Q: How many coats of epoxy for garage floor?

A: When installing an epoxy floor, the installation process should include at least two coats of epoxy flooring. 

While it may be tempting to apply just one coat after all the hard work you’ve put into just getting the first layer of epoxy down, you’ve already put in enough time to make adding just one more coat of epoxy worth it.

Our garages don’t get enough credit for the services they provide our homes. Our garage spaces double as storage units, home gyms, rooms for our cars, and much more. These spaces in our house tend to also be the most ignored. We don’t realize as the seasons change so do the things we bring in and out of our garages! Whether it be the weight of our vehicles or the paint splatter of an old paint can that spilled open, our garages are important parts of our homes, and we need to honor them as such. Basement flooring, too, can take a heavy hit with flooding or the weight of exercise equipment, pool tables and the like. 

Because garages are an essential part of our daily lives, even when we don’t realize it, making sure they are well taken care of, is important to the longevity and durability of them. Sometimes your garage needs a new floor, sometimes you just want a new look, other times your floor just needs an update, or it’s a structural issue, whatever the case maybe we want to help.

Garage epoxy is one of the easiest ways to maintain a strong budget as well as maintain an attractive home area. Our Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors are trained to direct you on the straight and narrow path to a smooth epoxy garage flooring.

Our reputation and your satisfaction are of utmost priority to us. We choose only partners that uphold the same commitment to quality and customer service that we do, so you don’t have to panic whether you are working with us. As a customer of ours, you are set to receive the highest quality product and service.

Contact Epoxy Flooring Milwaukee, WI for your garage flooring solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible customer service and the highest quality epoxy garage flooring installation available on the market.

Need to remodel your garage or basement? We’ll make certain to give the garage or basement flooring design close consideration.

You want your garage floor to be long lasting and resistant to the effects of spills, leaks, and accidents. Your basement floor should handle whatever is thrown at it. 

While it involves a more significant initial investment compared to alternatives, epoxy flooring is still the most cost-effective option in the long term.

Our team delivers top-notch workmanship.

Contact us for fast and flawless installation of your garage or basement floor covering.

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