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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Milwaukee - Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Q: How long does an epoxy floor last?

A: How long epoxy lasts lies heavily on where it is installed. 

In a residential, light foot traffic area, professionally installed epoxy can last 20 to 30 years. 

Professionally installed epoxy flooring is heavy-duty, and not the same as the roll-on systems you’ll find at your local hardware store.

What business doesn’t need an epoxy flooring system? Your floor is the foundation of your business because, without it, you wouldn’t have a business. Sometimes, we forget about the harsh environment our floors are exposed to until we’re paying for an overly priced repair. Commercial epoxy flooring has become one of the hottest trends and for good reason. Due to the fact that the importance of a commercial floor cannot be denied, you should weigh your options for a long lasting and durable floor that can withstand the wear and tear of the Milwaukee, WI winters and seasonal temperature changes.

At Epoxy Flooring Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we offer commercial epoxy flooring and coating, we value high quality, long-lasting work that protects your concrete floors for many years to come. Our commercial epoxy floor coating services are virtually indestructible and will protect your building and customers. Hot grease from food prep area, motor oil, and even the most caustic chemicals prove no match for the strength and flexibility of our special polymer floor coating services.

Many commercial buildings must have durable floors that are aesthetically pleasing as well. Whether you need a simple concrete sealant or a chemical resistant polymer coating, we will provide the very best protection for your floors. You can trust your exterior surfaces will be every bit as durable as your interior floors. If you have concrete walkways and stairs, know that our commercial floor coating will provide protection with a vastly reduced threat of slip-and fall liability, no matter the weather.

Our commercial epoxy floor contractors are equipped to answer any of your questions at any time of the day. Our team of highly trained technicians in the field is available 24/7. We offer quality professional services no matter your industry or needs.

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