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Epoxy Flooring Milwaukee - Foundation

Q: What are the disadvantages of epoxy flooring?

A: Perhaps one of the most noticeable disadvantages of epoxy flooring is the smell. 

As soon as you begin installing epoxy you’ll notice a strong, toxic smell while the epoxy is wet and in the curing process. 

The smell is something similar to ammonia and can be choking, which is why many people choose to hire our team of trusted contractors. 

Are you looking for the best Epoxy Floor installers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? You have found the perfect epoxy and clear epoxy resin installers. We understand that the installation of epoxy flooring either residential or commercial requires a lot of professional epoxy installation experience and does not accept even the least mistake. Installing epoxy floor coating is complex and precise in process, therefore it is recommended that a professional be hired to do the job in order to get the best result and for money spent. Also the wrong flooring can lead to long term safety hazards to your employees and contribute to ground contamination leading to costly maintenance, repairs or both. That the main reason you shouldn’t employ just anyone for your commercial epoxy flooring installation project. Whether it’s a warehouse, medical office, hospital, retail shop, garage, showroom or other business, our company is reputable in Milwaukee, WI as the best Epoxy Installer.

Your floor just might be the most overlooked part of your facility, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Our team can transform almost any existing dull concrete floor into a beautiful finished clear epoxy resin surface that will withstand the abuses of your business environment while also protecting the underlying substrate from premature wear and surface damage.

Epoxy Flooring installation in Milwaukee, WI is a process which involves laying down a layer of self-leveling primer followed by the desired image or colored epoxy flooring installation. We treat your floor with a transparent two-component epoxy or polyurethane to give the perfect image depth. Our materials are durable, dust free and undoubtedly cleanable, without cracks or angled corners, and of course have a high resistance to chemical attacks. Our company has been developed through our years of professional installation in the commercial, manufacturing and retail industries.

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